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William Kendall

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William KendallI has a BS degree from the University of Minnesota, MA and MFA degrees from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, where he studied under Robert Grilley and Milton Resnick.


He presently holds the title of Professor Emeritus at Bridgewater State University, where he taught painting,    drawing and design for over thirty years.


During that time he has had many one-man shows, and has been affiliated with  art galleries throughout New England.


His work is in numerous private  and public collections

In 1999, he moved to Westport, MA. where he presently maintains a studio.

In 2022 three of his paintings were selected by the Ambassador to China, to be hung at the American Embassy in Beijing , as a part of the "Art in Embassies" program.




"I think in terms of abstraction. The subject of my paintings is the paint itself. I am totally involved in what can be done on the canvas by the manipulation of the paint.
I'm dealing with the power of color -  the richness of texture created by the complicated layering of imposto, scumbles, and glazes.  The edges are my vocabulary.
I try to keep pushing the paint- to make things happen is spontaneous ways; I use combinations I've never used before, to see if they can function as a whole. .
Each time I begin a painting I am curious myself, to see what will happen... and it is always a surprise."



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